Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I slacked off during the month of December and I have been sick with the flu for about five days now this January 2012.  But Still I am moving forward towards the goals of making the Website and her Blogs profitable.

Speaking of Blogs I created two more which rounds out the vision I had for the Website These are my Personal interests. The two new Blogs are “Motivational Speakers and Mind Features and “Rack Em Up! Bust Em Up! Stroke but Don’t Poke” They are fairly new this month and are expected to do as well as the others at Blogger.com

The first is going to display Motivational Speakers Such as Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, plus TEDxTalks anything to do with creating a better You and Me.

The second is a Billiards Blog and will have various topics of the Games played and the history and players what ever I can find and that is interesting.

The Billiards Blog is brand new only a few days old and needs more posts and I will being doing this here shortly.

But I need to get busy with My Vemma presentation skills and my Telephone speaking phone skills as believe it or not any I very rarely very speak on the phone and when I do it is short brief and to the point.  Hard to believe in this day and age but as kids growing up there was a phone in the house but it wasn’t for socializing.

I think it is great that kids have their cell phones as they need a way to develop their socializing skills. I am old school and I know I need to be brought up to speed with these Smart Phones and their new place in the world today.

Well I got to get back to work. I need to create a Vemma presentation to use with my projector that I just won on ebay. I need to decide how to start driving Leads or I’ll need to start buying Leads.  I’ll need to figure a way to afford that option as my budget is currently max. And I need to create more writes, articles, and poems.

I am trying to decide if I have enough material to create a E-book on  how I did my website creation.  So I am keeping my self busy dreaming Dreams until I find the one that I must do that I have to do. I am still seeking my WHY Have you found yours? Knowing your Why is half the War won. Then outta of that half that is remaining. Taking that first step towards you Number one goal is half of that portion that remains. The last quarter is all up to you to figure out. I just told you how to get three quarters of the way to that goal of yours. But that last mile is yours to own, to walk, or run and than to complete.  Its your Picture you must paint It.


CYA Later Taters

Remember to sow your seeds and then wait upon them. Allow them the Time to grow.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

I Am Still Working On It! I’ll Get It Done Some Day Soon!


Well I have typed this up three times last night, but for some reason it didn’t take and I saved it like three times. Whats up with that? Okay I’ll try again because you can’t keep a good man down. I don’t know to many good men, but the ones I do never stay down for long. When life deals them a crappie hand they fold and wait for the next deal. I guess Ole Kenny Rogers was right. “You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.”

Yesterday I was talking about storms as in the storms of life. Because It seems this year Mother Nature has been right on our heels and stepping upon our toes.  I was also trying to give you all some valid excuses as to why I am having such a time getting this Venture up and running. Heck June is almost half over and I still haven’t gotten my seeds planted. I have to do this tomorrow.  I bought some extra potting soil today. So now I have no more excuses.  It wont take me long as three of my starting trays are kits and I should be able to breeze right through them.

I was also saying I was extra busy these last two weeks welding up some of our heavy equipment. I am in the process of putting a new bottom in out Bob Cat’s Bucket and she is a extra large bucket; off a Big Bob. She has a  7 1/2 foot wide bucket.  So I am working on that when we have time between jobs. Plus we have two possible three wells to put in this week. We have been busy with  a lot of must do stuff that doesn’t earn us any money, but must be done these things were backing up on us so we had to take care of them.

I did get some new pictures today. But my computer is acting out so it will most likely be some time tomorrow before I get them uploaded. But I’ll try and get them uploaded with my Laptop tonight. Well Let me do that now  and let’s see if this time all this stuff posts.


CYA Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Work from Home! Earn Passive Residual Income Somebody Come and Play Today!

Well this is what I have been doing for roughly three years now. Trying to build Passive and Residual Income Streams.

I first started with Affiliations and then Adsense and then Adverts of my own through a third party go between.

I have done some Content writing for PPC Publishers and made a few E-Books of my own to Sell through a third Party Supplier as well. I sell T-shirts, mouse pads, bags, and ties through another third party supplier.

I get about a standard 50% split with most of those I deal with. As I am still fairly new and have a small volume of traffic flowing through to my sites and blogs.

My three Domains are and I have always meant for them to be for the one site or redirect to the PW&OSfStSM Site where most of all these things are mingled with other Information about How I am doing what it is I am am doing and why.

I started earning about two and a half years ago nothing major I have not even reach my first Google Adsense pay out and I am only a quarter of the way there as of today with about $28.80 cent in earnings for all the work I have amassed these last few years.

But Passive and residual Income is not Passively made or earned. You have to do the time if you wish to relax and drink the wine as they say you reap what you sow and brother the ground is very rocky and the land is dry quite often or more times than not.

Finding fertile Land(Keywords and water (traffic ) takes Time and understanding and the learning curve is different for very one. Especially those who try to do it on their own.

I started with Content Sites such as Wikinut.com, Triond.com, and Hubpages.com and to date I fared the best in earning abilities so far with Triond then Hubpages, and then wikinut. all of these are what I call Pay Per Click Publishers, PPC Publishers.

I have earned the most with Hubpages then Triond and not so much with wikinut to date, but wikinut gets me seen more upon the search engines when I do my Vanity searches.

This is why I have kept them so far and I do see they are starting to use more adverts at their site now. I have earn about twenty dollars at Hubpages  and that is by far more then the other two combined but they all work together to drive traffic.

So I keep them all and will for some time to come. With all the devices I am using. I have earned about two hundred dollars these last three years combined.

The latest earner is the Sponsored Tweets Program I use with twitter.com and now I recently added redgage.com

Pennies here pennies there and then when the rain pours those pennies turn into nickles and dimes and some time quarters. No dollars as of late, but the system is in place for this to occur.

This is what all Publishers Myself included are Praying for the rain (a Viral down pouring or out pouring. But if your system eg. rain barrels are not set at every corner of the house you will catch no rain (profits) further still if there are no down spouts directing that rain or gutter you will miss the bounty that comes from the viral spurts. I have not yet gotten my first viral spurt or run I am ready or at least I think I am. I’ll have to wait to it comes and goes to see with the system will hold its water.

The Biggest thing I did earn with was My MLM program and I am trying desperately to get back into it and work out he bugs I created for myself doing things my way and with my recent loss of Income i am struggling severely to make any headway.

Well I have many Things I need to do to get this Machine to working and working correctly Hence the learning curb. I am dyslectic and have other disabilities that hinder my progression but I am forever trying and I seem to be making better and bigger stride towards advancing and getting it right some day soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me will ya?

Well I go to run Because I am under the gun.


CYA Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.

To learn more of my Adventures Search me out on the WWW with these key words: PW&OSfStSM, Sinbad the Sailor Man, Vemma, MLM’s, Donnie/ Sinbad the sailor Man. By combining them in different ways you will find most if not all of my writes and poetry or just go to My website: http://www.sinbadthesailorman.com


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Well I am Still Going! Just Like that Bunny Rabbit I Keep on Going and Going!

I wonder sometimes what keeps me going? I am finding it harder and harder to do. But I just can’t seem to quit I have become a Blogging Junkie.

Well I have found BlogNation and I have been posting my Blogger blogs there as to get some more exposure for them. I created a new Blogger Video Blog. ” Water, Plants, and Fish?’ an Aquaponics Blog.

I have been asked to create a Spot or Page at my website for my religious writes and poems. I was going to try and do that today,  but the day had slipped away from me before I knew it. As I was doing busy work playing catch up here and there.

It is said that you can not lose if you do not quit. I am coming around to this belief as I am in no race to get things done although at times I feel that I am in one. I wanted touch base on a few things with you all.

1. Favicons  don’t have one yet? Get them for your Sites and Blogs get at least one or some if the sites are not connected.

2. Remember when you stop moving forward that you are falling back wards.

3. You only Fail when you give up because you fear failure.

4. That all good things come to those who wait upon the results.

5. It takes time for anything that is worth having and achieving. Time will Heal the Longing of the Heart that Desires an Outcome.

6. This is the patience of those we call Achievers and Successful. They act quickly and are long suffering.

7. Saying a Prayer will not hurt and often times it will help. We get what we believe in, with desire. Also know as “Faith” by some.

Well I am still here. I am still moving forward slowly.  Slower then before, but still it is a  forward crawl.

I got to Run because I am under the Gun.


CYA Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well Oops I did it again. I missed December’s posting and I am late with this months. Please do forgive me I been busy, busy, busy.

I been gathering some things together to help me with my home presentations, if ever I get a home I be all set and ready to go. Just kidding If I need to I can do events at the local Library in town or at a restaurant or pub. I have gotten myself a projector from ebay and a DVD player too. But I still need a small Boom box to ramp up the sound level so everyone can hear it. I also am working on a presentation more than likely it will be a Power Point to start with.

I still need a screen or a room with a nice white wall or light tan wall; to show the presentation on. I have entered a Transformation Contest which is design to help me journal my progress. So you may see some Blogs about that here in the next few weeks to come.

I am trying some new things to drive and create Leads for my Vemma Business.

I have created Fliers and placed them on the website as well as printed them up; to pass out with a free sample of the Verve Product that I am currently offer with Vemma. I have retain a Lead Capture program to help aid in Free leads and will try to purchase some latter in March. APM Auto Pilot Marketing is the name of this Lead Capture Company.

They provide a really nice presentation into their Program and It provides a lead presentation into the Vemma Program. I am also in the progress of sorting and defining the offerings I have at the PW&OSfStSM website. As to Amazon Books and DVD’s and other stuff.

I am sorting through my writes to see if I have enough Material to create an E-book offering exclusively connected with this website.

I am also wanting to start my own Video Blog Starring Me and my ideas about what it is that I am trying to do and offer the public with my PW&OSfStSM website.

I am still trying to clarify that initial Idea that I had and what the site has become to date. The site is confusing I know as I started out wanting to make it a seek and find website. With a game theme (Treasure Hunting) and now it is more a Blogging site. Hang On! Door Bell… No worries It was just my Vemma Supplement arriving. Gee its the 24th already?Yes I am still a user and a referer of Vemma, as well now the Verve product.

It’s a jumbo mess right now. But it is still being Visited and re-visited weekly (It’s a working website). I am trying to turn it into a Learning and Encouraging website for those who Join my Vemma program now.  And/ or for those wanting to create simple, easy Passive and Residual income streams.

But all this is still fairly new to me: as I keep moving and growing forward into the Site I now am envisioning. I am a Horrible Time Manager and I am not all that good at keeping and logging my ideals and progress down; neatly and in a resolvable order.

I know this is a major weakness and I am trying to swing it back around and get it under control. As I know this will help discipline me and greatly improve my productivity. I will need to sit down and create a new prioritized plan of attack, to reach my goals.

As I am needing more funding. So I will need to keep my Traffic growing and try to get some Advertisers who are willing to pay to be placed on the Blogs and/ or the website. This is a major and a priority goal, as this is where the bigger potions of the sites revenue stream will come from.

Traffic is Key to the websites earning capabilities and of that of the Blogs. I will need to integrate them into a finely tune and synchronized machine; as now they all are just pieces individually scatter about and linked.

When you look at lets say my newest of my Blogger Blogs “Motivational Speakers and Mind Features” you will see that there is a major offering which is the Vemma Opportunity.

Thats the Vemma “e” you can’t miss it. Its the brightest offering on the sidebar. Next comes the Auto Pilot Marketing Affiliation Link, as these two are a combine force that earns the largest revenue stream currently. My Zazzle Store, is next. I need to create some new and unique product offerings there soon too.

A subscription button,  the Blogger Logo, an Affiliate Offering, Adsense ad, an Affiliate offering, the Twitter button, the Bloggers link button, Blog Catalog news feed widget, Hubpage widget,Triond widget, Adsense ad, A Host of Blogs, two Facebook text links, a Facebook Like box widget, an affiliate offering, a Networked Blogs widget (not to many members have followed the site by using the follow button, but I do have Followers at Networked Blogs.

And then we get into what I am hoping people will use to purchase their success materials; for their personal Home Libraries, the Amazon Carousel widgets. These are fairly new. I placed them just a few days ago, but I am not having the best of luck with the other devices from my Amazon campaigning just yet.

Then I have a Donate Button, an archive, some text links, some more affiliate offerings and a Blogger follow button. So there is quite a bit of monetization and Back linking going on here already and there is plenty of room for quite a bit more. And this is just the side bar.

So yes I have been busy as these Blogger Video Blogs are only a few months old. Some a few weeks old. But I am way behind as I need new writes, articles, and poems for all of my publishers. Another of my primary Goals is to farm out some of this creation work out to my children, my nieces, and my nephews as soon as I can afford to do so.

And then Later to friends and their family. Creation is a very demanding thing, but it is rewarding and fulfilling at least for myself. Well I gotta run because I am under the gun. I am still robbing Peter to pay Paul, but soon I hope this will change.


CYA Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hello all, I am Still Here Are You? I Hope So; Lets Go!

November 25, 2012 1 comment

Well this is the most profitable time of year for all merchants. But yet again, I find myself ill prepare for this Holiday Season. I should have started as do the Commercial Enterprises do and did at about July 1st the year before the current.

Well maybe I’ll get it right next year? I hope so! I need to make some advancements to keep myself interested in trying to earn upon this fascinating thing call the World Wide Web. I need a little success to lift my spirits, to fuel that fire of desire. A splash of Gasoline or Kerosene makes a bright flash, but it will not last. Remember slow and steady wins the race if you are in one. We are not in a short sprint here, but a marathon. A life long race.

Good Business is the best business. We must as merchants remember that we are the caretakers of the customers that will buy from us. And as of a result of doing so. Will or will not become our loyal patrons. We must choose one of two paths to be a good merchant or not.  There is no such other path either you are a provider or a divider of spoils.

Think of the Customer base as a herd of sheep. These sheepeople are followers of one another and can be lead, divided, or scattered. They will provide many things to their good Master once you shepherd them. They’ll provide you Clothing, Milk, and Meat. They will produce in abundance and feed many. And they will grow their herds. Perpetuating for as long as they are lead,  allowed, or find the conditions favorable unto them.

Now this is only If you treat them right! They will leave you or stray for greener pastures. They will follow any appearing to be a better provider.  If their Shepperd is not an attending shepherd or a good Master they will wonder off from the herd.  Until there is no longer a herd to speak of.

When you fleece your Sheepeople make sure it is in the season that they will enjoy their coats taken from them. Do not take their coats out of season; leaving them to freeze to death, to become sickly or injured by the seasons frost. As so they can not produce their normal productions. Learn always the directions of the herds undertaking, the condition of their health and wealth.

By keeping abreast of the trends, fads, and fashions that feed and drive the herd as well as those who drive them.  Be always mindful of the local, national, and now global economies. Remember what the Market can and will bear in each. Can you afford to pass on Good Tidings or are you unable? Never Gouge them or fleece out of season. Taking from them their thick and heavy coats. Which are their livelihood, their life, and their children’s protection.  For this harm they will always remember you and your dealings.
Feed them the best stables you can profit from. See that they are satisfied and full with their provisions and gifts that you have provided them. At a fair market price. Pass on your good fortunes when able; taking only a just profit and you shall be blessed for the doing of Honest weights and measures that are always justly scaled. And for this they will follow you as well recommend you and your merchandise.

A Good Master Merchant is a good shepherd and a Just person of commerce. They a savvy and intelligent Businessmen. Treat your customers as well as they will allow you to do. As you would have wished them  to treat you and your love ones. It is said that GOD loves a cheerful giver. A cheerful provider of goods and services would do well to keep this always in mind. Do your best always as you were doing it unto the LORD Our GOD your Father whom you Love with all your heart, mind, and Soul. And you will not be allowed to fail.

Know that every one here was once your loving brother and still we are all family. Strive to be good to each other as much so as it is allowed for you to do so. But never accept wrong doings as an accuse for Making a profit at others expense. It will not fair well with you at the time that it will matter most.

Well enough preaching to the choir.

Have a Blessed and Happy Day.


CYA Later Taters

Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All, How You Doing? Fine I Hope

I am late posting again this month, as this is for last month. But Its okay. Because I said so. After all I am the Boss and I get to do what I want with this Blog. As long as It is still very much unnoticed by the masses. But I do apologize to those of you who are reading it.

I had an unexpected move last month and I still have things packed in boxes which are now stored in a crawl space. And it is getting cold and very humid which is always a bad thing for me and my Back. This is my slow time of the year as my pain levels greatly increase. For those of you with back troubles I am sure you can relate to the Seasonings changes upon ones body.

I think I should love to live in a steady and constant climate. As I am injured and getting older. Variety is no longer a Spice of Life I choose to often. When it comes to the weather any ways. I have been busy all the same. Correcting and resizing Widgets and Youtubes at PW&OSfStSM. I have entered into a Contract on a possible patent with Davison’s Designs out of PA. More on that as It progresses.

I owe the courage to step up and try to all that I have been trying to do these last few years with my Website and now with Vemma. Vemma has re-introduced a lot of Motivational materials and Inspirational materials into my life. There for a long while I as sliding down ward yearly.I am now leveling off and starting once again to to climb to new heights.

I have done some things that I was wanting to do for a long time. Now I am doing these things repetitively hoping to make them; make me become a success. For we only fail once we stop trying to succeed. I was once forever guilty of failing because things became so easy for me to give up on after my divorce. I could no longer see or feel the need to succeed because of It. It still sneaks upon me and I must fiercely and forcefully sling it off my back. For It is a Dark and Heavy feeling that damns one so. This Dark force and I have been at war for over a Decade now.

I expected it to leave a scar, but I did not conceive to the length of Its healing, so that it would scar over. It seems to be easily reopened time and time again. I wounder if I am the one choosing this or if it is just a Process of time that lets the old infestations out periodically to hurt or to heal to hold on or to let go. Divorce is a sickness that breeds failure forward.

Well I guess I fall victim to the moody blues easily now that I have cultured them for so long. I need a triple shot of whatever it is that heals such sores and gaping wounds. As I fear It is damning all my efforts with effortless ease. I so wish this disease to end. I need something to be Joyful about once again.

A success story I have not one of my own yet, but I am still hopefully awaiting the time that I do. Have one of my own to share with you. I guess I should instill in you. The practice of scheduling and goal setting. On dreaming dreams and helping other achieving their dreams firstly. On advancing ones self both physically and mentally. Continue to grow for once you stop you begin to die. “Live Long and Prosper” as Spock would say. “Dream Big Dreams for Small dreams have no Magic” Dottie Boreyko.

Well I got to run because I am so far behind if I don’t I am going to get lapped even though this is not a race we all have but a certain amount of Time to do the DO! Time we all get what we got coming to us we get it all whether we want It or not. Make the best of the Time that you have for once you have spent It that is all there is. CYA Later Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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