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I am a would be Poet, I have an alter Ego and we are self publishing our written works of short stories, writes, and poetry.

While increasing our portions from this treasured laden land of wires, bits, and bites. Known as the secrete world of the WORLD WIDE WEB.

We have a website and we offer our help to others who are looking to Earn as they Learn and wanting to Grow as They Go!

Traffic Authority is our Latest Income Builder or Passive Income Stream. Somebody Come and Play in Traffic With Me! You wont be sorry that you did. But you might if you don’t.

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Celine Dion Clings to Son Rene-Charles as She Leaves Visitation for Rene Angelil :

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Traffic Authority Morning Company Call Come one Come All! Fridays Call Company Call Coming Up @ 11am EST Time 10 am Central Time Don’t miss out on motivation and Inspiration and Leader Know How! Come Listen In Let it All Sink In!

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Communication We All Need to Hone Our Skills When It Comes to This Topic!

Hey Guys! Here are a Few Posts coming from the beginning of the  Year 2015 at My Insane Health and Wealth Blog over a

I am Really Stepping Up My Game this coming Year 2016. I am already buying Domains and Trying to enhance them and sell them at either or

I got Hooked up with My Own Guru Guy who happens to Sing and do Beats videos and Launches and Domain Flipping, and all kinds of  Other Stuff.

So You might want to head over to My other  Blogs, Book Markers, and Social Pages. And start seeking out the different content hidden here and there.from the Past Year

Within comment sections, in the articles, in these kinds of posts, and at the old Treasure Map before it totally falls apart.

I have started to rebuild the Treasure Map at WordPress with the same Old Domain Name

here after you check these few post out go and check out all the othe stuff you might could use to enhance and further your Affiliate Marketing education. Insane Health and Wealth Opportunities.

Communication is the Holy Grail to Life, Business, and Relationships. Whether you agree or disagree has no positioning to the truth! That Communication is King!

If we could understand the person standing in front of us. Whether we are trying to Date, Relate, or Sell this person. How do we start? How do we adjust to meet that particular Personality. If we have no clue to that person’s personality.

Is it possible to Id the Personality in a timely manner with out losing that position. How long until their gone? No longer in front of you giving you their precious time or attention. How much Time will they give you to pitch them?

Less than a Minute? I would bet the farm that you would lose them within a single minute if you don’t connect in some way. Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Personally.

Hand them a Brochure, shake their hand, pat their back; casually only. Paint a picture, tell a story, or share your story. But which personality is receptive and how far can you go with a signal personality? If you can even Connect with the personality. Will you know what that person is a custom to share, give, or relate to?

Where can you learn about personalities and learn quickly and easily enough to benefit you for the Time and Money you give. To get the required Knowledge that gives you the edge, your foot in the door, or their full attention for the next two minutes?

With a few questions after you have learned and mastered the simple teachings about personality types. You should be able within fifteen seconds pick up and out that person’s two major personality types.

With a few more questions you’ll get a deeper understanding of who and what that person is about, likes, and dislikes. Who they married if their married, their strongest traits/ their weakest traits. Let me ask you If you could pick up and understand your child, spouse, or prospect in that short of Time what could that do for you? How much Time would it potentially save you?

Well I think I could solve many of my communication problems with family and friends for sure with such a knowledge. And if I could know my prospects as I do my family and friends. I could get more conversions from the willing and spend less time with the unwilling.

Understanding personalities is King. when it comes to conversions. Getting people to understand what you have to offer them in the way they want you to relate It to them. Even If they don’t know that is the way they want you to communicate the message you have.

It won’t be easy but it wont take you long to make It worth IT. For the amount of Time, effort, and money that you will save. To make it worth your wild. Once you master the skill, understand how, where, and when to or not to use it.You will have a feeling of where have you been all my life! Or How did I get along with out you for so long?

It is a Life skill, a personal relationship skill, and a Business tool that will become Priceless to you when you use it properly and worthless if you use it incorrectly.

It is a knowledge worth much more than its weight in platinum. It will deliver upon your doorstep a true wisdom key.

Mastering the art of communication is a skill and can be taught to basically everyone or anyone willing to seek It.

The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
JMK’s Production

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The Singing Guru What…..? I Fell for It and You Should To!

Affiliate Marketing is Making a Come Back In a Big Way!

What’s a singing Guru?

I surely did not know. So I did have to check it out to find out. Well we will have to admit It is a great Hook or catch phrase No?

Well folks it got me to stop and take a closer look and hell he even sold me. And as some of you know, right now I am so tight I squeak when a walk. Well that just might me these old worn out sneakers of mine.

Click Here! To Check it Out!  The Singing GuRu

I told you that I would be starting to suggest products to you all and here is one That I actually bought the other day and I have to say I love what I am seeing and hearing. And Jamie and Isaiah really over delivered for me on the First Webinar which was a day or so ago.

I am a little scatter brained and I forget things rather easily. So I am sure that If I can pick up and out some great tips that you well most likely fair better than myself. I really believe I am getting great Value from the “The Singing Guru Product” Tonight is my Second Webinar with Jamie and I can’t wait to see what is going down on it tonight!

My first one was only schedule for two hours but went on over four hours And hey Isaiah Picked me out of the crowd and said he was going to use me as a case study I guess I am a little out there and all over the place with my Marketing style Compared to these guys and their laser targeted focus.

They really do make look what they are doing look easy enough for the average Joe. But I am not so average I can’t wait to see if they are able to get me earning some real money or if I will be stuck to my old ways of trying to make money Pennies are nice heck $20 dollars here and there helps me but five no almost six years just to build up 70-80 dollars in Adsense money.

That folks ain’t going to get me where I wish to go. And it brings me a lot of ridicule from friends and family on why are you still doing it than? They just do know or believe when I tell them the kind of money that is possible. Or they think its not possible for me to do. And Oh how badly I want to say see I finally did it!

Well I got to run because I am under the gun No I just do not want to miss anything that is going on or going to happen on the Webinar tonight.

P.S. You may have tried to click on my first Affiliate product at but for some reason the linkage did not take. I think because it was linked to open in the same window. I am not sure exactly but I believe I got it fixed now.

As I tested it Today as I was correcting some issues and found that the Product was not linked to the Affiliates Funnel so that is fixed and there are now several links the Satellite Website to get you to the Offer! Test your links right after you instal them and a few hours after to make sure they are linked correctly.

Source: The Singing Guru

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Have You Ever Wondered What Your Doing Wrong? Right? Or Just Can’t Begin to Comprehend Any of It at All?

The DNA of Life! Could that help you understand why your Lacking; say in Your Life, Your Business, or your Relationships?

Could the DNA for Business, for Life, for People Help You in Some Way?

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile but he did invent a System that made putting one altogether a snap. He was a brilliant man. He and his Systems pushed out so many vehicles at a reasonable price in a short amount of Time. That he cornered the market in automobile productions.

I have been Looking for quite sometime for a system that could do this for my Business. The One that I am currently bringing to fruition. Just this year I have come to the realization that We will all need a plan to Succeed in Life, Business, and/ or Personal relationships. I know this is not a new concept. Because from an early age People were always asking me; Don so what are you going to do with your self; what do you want to be? I never did come up with that Solution until this year. A few weeks before my 52nd Birth Day.

Don’t get me wrong I tried many things. I dreamed a few here and there, and tried them as well, but they never fully grasped the inner me. The man inside the man. I started actively seeking Master Mind Groups as I said earlier in the beginning of this year 2015.

I wanted to know if what I was trying to build and get going would work and be profitable. I had mention in a prior post that I did what Bob Proctor did and his little trick of writing down what he really believed he wanted to achieve in life. On an index card. Then sticking that card in his pocket and faithfully trying to read it every day as many times a day as needed. Until the dream had initiated itself or came to pass. It only took Bob a few short years before he saw real life changing events taking place within himself, his income, and his relationships. Bob stated that almost immediately he caught himself doing more things each day for no reason at all.

Now I was like many of you out there might have been saying Okay, Okay that will never work. How could it possibly work? So I did it! I wrote out a few things on an index card all the while not really fully believing what it was I was writing to be achievable to begin with I was Hoping.

I tried a few weeks with it in my pocket and did pretty good at reading it daily but not repeatedly. So I took the card out of my pocket and taped it to my computer. I guess I was thinking I couldn’t see the thing enough. So I read the stupid index card daily as I went about my Business several times a day. As I went about my daily task of doing busy work, all the day long. The whole time pretending I was building a business. That would some day Earn me enough Money to retire comfortably. Instead of starving and begging a life from family members.

I paid them what they asked little more when I could but it was never enough and I was in no position to help my children either, They are now in their early twenties and late teens. Being a divorced Father and not being close to them both, physically near to them or relationship wise close emotionally to them anymore. They or we have grown away from each other over the course of my long miserable journey to realization. In which I still proceeded and would probably proceeded forever if I didn’t write out the stuff. That I did on that index card.

Well to make a long story a little shorter I joined the Master Mind group I found on and I also decided to Join Toast Masters as well which I found on My very first MeetUp we went over what Our plans were for this year. Mine was to get a Marketing Plan writing Down and a Business Plan written up. Which I did do as quickly as I could. In hopes of meeting an angel investor and having something to show him or her. Another person in the group a little older than my self stated he was going to write out his Life Vision Plan!

He said he never had one and from what he was hearing from others who were much more in the know then I. That it could more then double his income if he did. Hun? I thought I’d better do one of these things too. I couldn’t find much on it at first. On this mysterious Life Vision Plan or a Company vision plan. Yeah there is tons of stuff about a vision plan? So I set out to searching and then I found another MeetUp group that was starting up the year with this topic “Your Life Vision Plan”?

Ta da!  A bell rang and the light bulb above my head went off or rather turned on. No not really. But for GOODNESS Sake it must be a sign. So I joined in. But it was a Coffee Meetup Conference Call and this was one of my major reasons for joining Toast Masters I thought to myself just do it to become better at speaking In person or on the phone.

So enter the second month of this year.  I’d be turning 52 Feb 4th and I had been working like a fiend. Trying to put all the pieces together. Been to a Coffee Conversations Call, even went in Person to a Coffee Conversations MeetUp in Merrillville at the Star Bucks in front of the Old Radison Star Plaza and did my second meetup with Toast Master’s.

Heck I even joined. Feeling good about myself thinking I’ll do this next Meetup and then I’ll be on my way. So I ‘d take a little break, Boy I was wrong. I wrote about what happened to stop me from taking a break. It’s at most of my Blogs by now and at my LinkedIn Profile postings too.

But I was given a wake up call or so I thought, a little shock and awe never hurts anyone right,… right? But that Morning! Heck! I got up early to make this conference enthused about learning something new from It. But this was Not the call I thought it was. I thought I had Showed Up for the Coffee Conversations Call.

When in fact I had shown up for this Group Main Group. And Their Weekly Meeting to Build Our Business call. The people that I meet twice already. At least three to four of these people. The ones I  just the other day meet in person the other day were not there.

So I am there on Time but I didn’t know that I was really on the “Leaders Come to Jesus Meeting”.

To make it worst the leader was mift a bit or it seemed to me that more people didn’t show up. Or at least that was what I became aware of further into the meeting.  And here I showed Up being gun ho and ready to go (to participate).

I guess he was trying to make a point because only a few people showed. But they were several that he had invested a year and a few weeks or months into the program already, which; was starting to stall. And I was the one who took the brunt of the leaders indifference about that I guess. I mean I am a nice enough guy and all but if you don’t play nice with I’ll pick up my Toys and Go Home. I get a little defensive until I figure it out or at least I use to think so before the call.

See Mark has an uncanny ability because of a system that he has been part of or developed himself for so long to read people. And to do so very quickly and very easily. And he knew from some of his systems. I gathered. That at an earlier time that I had been consuming every free piece of material at his site. Plus he might of had access to some of the stuff that I filled out for the Coffee Conversations MeetUp group or the recorded calls. He checks them for sure he must to knows what he knows.

Now I don’t like to blow things Up and Out  but he way layed me and didn’t even apologize for it or maybe he did but I didn’t hear it. Because of the energy that had picked Up some where in the middle of the call and felt to had gotten ugly towards the end of the call the word Blood sucker was Used I believe.

It was the toughest conversation I have had for a very long time. For some reason it felt personal which it wasn’t ? But It hurt and it was pretty close the the mark. Just a few weeks before hand. And it could of done me great harm. maybe even ended my efforts again, but instead after finishing the call I got a clearer sense of the guy. It would be till I could listen to the call again at least most of it that I would see that 98 percent wasn’t personal. The other 2% I think was some kind of test?

He did something I had not had done to me since my Navy Boot Camp days so, so many years ago. It had upset me enough to bring me near to tears because I have thought these very things about myself quite frequently before hand.

I don’t know but I like to think he was guided to do what he did. Because of my thoughts of relaxing for awhile after this call. Instead I tensed up and started working all the harder at what I was trying to do. Mark’s birthday was two days after mine. Mine was the 4th and his the 6th. He had a cold and sounded down a bit Today. You could tell he was ill and felt a little worn.

I have known a few people with Marks attributes. But I never fully connected with any of them the way I feel that I have with him In some kind of other worldly connection. With him or His vision or the causes that he wishes to peruse or maybe it was just and energy rush.

They kind of parallel my own attributes which I have know about for a long long time. Mark wants to reach the world one person at a time in a fun and exciting way. He wants to stop human trafficking most of all child trafficking. I don’t know how he plans to do this, but I find it very intriguing and cause worthy. I personally want to feed the world instead of handing out food.

I want to use Aquaponics and all the other natural ways of growing food to teach people to end their hunger and disease issues.  With natural foods the Food that GOD has provided and has done so abundantly through out the world. Mark talks about the high side. The top level of humanity bringing Business owners and vendors and people tied in with Business, Non nonprofits, churches, and What have you together. “For we can accomplish more together then we ever could alone”

Marks words. I would go the low road if and when I could do what Mark has done and is doing. Bringing specific key elements, people, and systems together; to accomplish a common and worthy goal, dream or cause.

Mark has a few company’s which do provide these systems. Or so I am told that provide Businesses and their owners. A way to reclaim time lost, from work being done by the right people, for the wrong job. When it could be their talents are needed else where within the company.

Mark Boersma:

Has a Vision which will as he believes. Help him end a lot of misery in the world today. The Vision Project is a branch of an ever increasing Fruit Tree (His vision) it offers You a way to save time and money and potentially increase your abilities to earn more time and money. Abundantly while increasing your Knowledge and Wealth as well as that of those around you; exponentially.

I written a short poem for Mark asked if some one might be able to? I do not know if this is what he was thinking but this is what came to me tonight. I dedicated this version of this poem to Mark Boersma a Birth Day gift belated.

It’s a brand new one and as I am a want to be Poet. It will most likely be revised at some point in Time.


Anchored to Our Saviour's Cross by Donald Beres jr

Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man Company Logo

 The Biggest Challenge WHY Child?

What is your biggest challenge child?

What is it you perceive to achieve?

If You do Not Ask of me with belief

How will I Know that you truly believe?

What are you wishing for Child when you say

But Father Please! I do I do Father No pay

What is your Biggest Challenge Son What do you believe?

Again Child what is your Biggest Challenge?

Is it with My one and Only Begotten Son?

Father I do not Yet understand Why

Cry not My Child Your Ignorance is to be expected!

You My Child were stolen away

Forced to live in a land without Stay

No truth to behold None have you found

Since the day that your feet have hit the ground

A system I have put into Place

There is a Devil who goes about without a face

No trace of him can be found But Confusion abounds whispering

Boarder Guards abound

No Ups No Downs Everything is turned upside Down

Back words thinking all men are sloppy


Babes who wounder about only unjustified tinkers

Child Listen Close to what I have to Say

Please Child

I wish not to lose any of you

Do not Cry

Unto me the questions are Thus

Child you must ask yourselves Your brothers

Your Sisters and Your Mothers

Your enemy Too!

The neighbor who bumps into you

Please dear Every single one you meet

What is their biggest challenge Son

We have always been up here dear

But You! My Child have just begun

Down there!

A Thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hey All How You Doing? Me I am a Little Better Now!

As I believe I have gotten the Site at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Com under control.

Here is what the deal was my Hub and site “Sinbad The Sailor Man Dot Com” was acting up and when I put a ticket in I found out It has been UN supported for the last Year! But Now what is left of it and still up and working is at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Info.

I am currently Rebuilding the PW&OSfStSM Site at a WordPress Themed Site. It will still be Hosted at and It will have the Original Dot Com address

The Dot Info should be Up but, It may not be Fully Functioning not even as well as It did Yesterday! And It will decline in functionality as time goes by. There is nothing I can do about It as of today Its a third party website builder for Fatcow and It is being phased out! But like a way Back Site you’ll be able to see what It is and was.

This Post will be a site wide Posting and you will see It at all my sites and on my FaceBook pages,, and wherever else I can think about getting It up and then remember to do so.

 The New WordPress Theme is Visible

But appears nothing like a WordPress theme and It Won’t for a good week and a half most likely. But the Addresses of both sites are showing up as Up and they are something and Bits and Pieces of both. They are not completely restored and the Old Website won’t be to my understanding as I mentioned above here. So this is why I am putting this Info Out too you all. So you don’t think I built a bunch of totally useless crap and slapped It up trying to make a buck.

Well I got to Run because I am under the Gun Here and I need to try and save the Christmas rush earnings ability If I can If Not Oh well It Looks like Easter and St Valentines Day will be my next chance to earn with and my other Affiliates.

Stuff Happens and It will Happen When You Least Expect It! Especially If You Don’t Stay On Top of Things!


CYA Later Taters

Donnie/Sinbad The Sailor Man

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